The Calendar Humanized

Re-defining the calendar experience for casual users


It all started with one question: “ What do people really value when it comes to managing time on the go?” We knew there are better ways to manage time on mobile devices for causal users, so we set out to create an alternative option that can bring new values to people's everyday lives. A variety of different ideas were explored in this project, testing the limits of what mobile interactions can do.

Starting from People

We went out and talked to people in order to better understand what they value most. We learned that there is a bigger group of people that simply need to manage time on the go without being overloaded by unnecessary information and features. Soon it was clear that our goal is to develop a truly on-the-go experience for those type of users.

The Design Values

" Creating an experience that is more aligned with what we need and want on the go instead of our needs and wants being dictated by technology "

The Right Resolution

Peek is about cutting away the overwhelming features of mobile calendars. It redefines an on the go experience for people to use when they need it, so that they are not consumed by its entirety and benefit from its existence. Peek is not just a minimalist and simple app, it is designed to be the right resolution for the context it is being used in. It is made to provide the necessary information in an easy to understand manner, without overwhelming you with data we might not need.

Glanceable interface

Peek is quick and simple to use. I believe experiences would be more desirable when we give people what they need not everything we can provide. Peek is not trying to give too much to the user, instead it manages the complexity by layering the information so people get what they need more quickly and easily. It can be used for taking a glimpse into the day, or could be our on-the-go tool for performing time management when needed.

Natural Interactions

Instead of using the conventional navigational elements, Peek introduces new behaviors and natural interactions that are more fun and intuitive to use. There is an element of play in Peek. I believe that fun does not have to be less functional. Life can be busy and sometimes stressful, why not manage it in a slightly more playful way? Peek is designed to offer a fluid, fast and fun way to get a glimpse at your daily schedule.

Adding a Human Touch

Technology has enabled us to get more things done in a more efficient way than ever. This sounds great except that it means that we are having less and less time for ourselves. We wanted technology to come in and help us appreciate life as well so we introduced life events in Peek! Shake your phone and you will see what comes up 😉

The Story and the Mission

Peek wants to add a human touch on calendar experience. That is more than just aesthetics, it is about understanding the needs of people and finding the right way to present them with information so they can use calendar when they need it, but not be consumed by its entirety.

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"With a minimal interface and gestural interactions, Peek is meant to be “just enough” of a calendar for casual use."


Idea and Design: Amid Moradganjeh
Development: Patryk Zoltowski