Other Projects and Collaborations

Some of the great companies I have had the opportunity work with in the past decade

Client projects @ IDEO

As part of my role at IDEO and then later as an Independent Consultant I have had the chance to with some of the bigger corporations around the globe. Most of the projects I have been involved in remain confidential despite the fact that they may already be launched into the market. Here, I share only the types of the projects while being respectful to the confidentiality of their content.

Future Visions

Being passionate about the future and the possibilities technology has brought to our world, I have been involved in multiple projects where, in collaboration with my team at IDEO, we developed tangible concepts, strategies and visions for corporations such as Samsung, Comcast, and Verizon. As an independent consultant I have helped Google AI and Microsoft Bing team create a future concepts for their products. The work I did for those teams remain confidential.

Education tech

I have been involved in educational tech related projects with a goal to re-think education in schools and enhance the relationship between the students and the teachers. As part of the research I got the opportunity to visit a few schools and many families in their homes. I also talked to teachers and educators in the U.S.


I have had the chance to work with multiple car companies including Toyota and Nissan as well as one of the main car component suppliers, Bosch. Working with a team of researchers and engineers we developed concepts and prototypes of the future of driving experience and proposed new services around mobility.

Financial services

I have been involved in a few projects in the field of finance, one of them being a project I did during my internship at IDEO for Visa Inc. Finance is a topic where a human approach in the design can make big impacts. The satisfaction in such projects comes when design can help users understand and manage their finances in a better way.