Experiences From The Future

Creating tangible scenarios to help bridge into the future

How might we bring AI to Google Pixel experience?

During the past years I have had the opportunity to work with Google AI and Pixel teams to develop scenarios for Google's future products. Collaborating with the in house team, we start by looking into new technological solutions and develop scenarios on how they could enhance lives for billions of people. >> These projects remain completely confidential.

Video Scenarios

Video is not only a powerful tool to communicate the future scenarios, it can also be a tool to understand, ideate and envision the future. In these projects, we specifically use scenario development and videography as a way to define experiences. Unlike film production, the process of filming and editing is very iterative allowing us to build to think.


Designing for the future is not as comfortable as designing for today. Thinking about the future comes with ambiguity, uncertainty, and confusion. Instead of thinking about the future scenarios we can build the future scenarios to be able to think about the future. In these projects I used simple tools to prototype the ideas. Then through role playing I was able to develop a better point of view about what works and what may not work. As a team, we discovered new possibilities that could have not come to our minds had we sat behind our desks all day long.

"Acting" as a Design method

Acting is a powerful design and ideation tool. When we put ourselves in situations where we have to act out an idea we often move beyond our mental blocks and come up with more creative solutions. There is a subtle and healthy pressure to to having to act ideas. Combined with a camera, this pressure can lead to quite surprising results.