Financial Freedom for Migrants

Creating a bank for people who cross the borders

The Values, the Desires, and the Perceptions

Relocating to a new country is a big change in life. A move that is made in hope for new opportunities and it often comes with its own challenges. Movers choose to relocate for various reasons and with different motivations. Sometimes, things don't turn to be the way expected to be and there are often little surprises along the road. I talked to more than 30 migrants in the U.S. with different backgrounds to build empathy with these brave, bold and open-minded group of people. Every time we talked to people we learned something new. This inspired us to build a product that can potentially assist migrants accomplish their dreams.

The Complexity Challenge

With all the regulations in place and on top of that the need for security and accuracy, fintech products offer a level of complexity that makes designing for them an interesting challenge. We started by M.V.P. wireframe mapping. This approach helped the team make early and high level decisions before moving into defining the details and starting the production.

Designing a Conversation

To help users learn and manage their finances the experience needs to have a clear and distinct communication. We wanted the users to be able to make decisions with confidence. Providing the user with the right amount of information, being explicit, and forgiving them for making mistakes were some of the principles followed to create MAJORITY experience.

The Soft Touches

As much as practical and serious finance is, the design is not only there to serve the functional needs. At the end of the day users are humans and have feelings. This led me and my team to think of touch points, languages, visuals and motions that could enlighten the user. Here are some sample animations I created for MAJORITY.

Liveliness for Clarity Purposes

Clarity and Security are the key values addressed in the design of MAJRITY. To accomplish those values we decided to implement motions and transactions that make the experience not only smoother but easier to comprehend. Therefore, multiple animations were crafted and implemented in the app to help the users feel supported.


MAJORITY is the first financial membership built by migrants, for migrants. It includes a MAJORITY account, Visa® Debit Card, money transfers, international calls, and more. MAJORITY’s mission is to give the migrants the tools to thrive in a new country:  MAJORITY →



Hanyong Xiao
Vinh Kha
Amid Moradganjeh
Carl Hampus Öhman
Martin Rääk
Emeric Martin
Yimin Peng
and the rest of MAJORITY team

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